The winner of 2015 and 2016 is also on top in 2017 again - on the final day, the American Hikaru Nakamura again showed his outstanding class and won the Blitz tournament half a point ahead of the Indian Viswanathan Anand and a full point ahead of Ian Nepomniachtchi, who had shared first place with Naka after the Classical.

The first part of the 2017 KZCC is over - after the New Classical section with a time control of 45min per game + 30sec/move the tournament will continue tomorrow with the Blitz. And the tension couldn't be higher as the question of who will be the winner is still undecided and at least five players are still in striking distance.

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The king is back on his throne - the winner of the ZCC 2015 and 2016, Hikaru Nakamura, reconquered the leading position after hitting an unexpected punch into Boris Gelfand's position in a bishop versus knight ending that seemed to steer to an uneventful draw.

Some impressions from the Opening Ceremony and the Blitz. Not all comments should be taken too seriously :-). All images by Rustam Kalimullin