In the 2017 KZCC Master Open, five players share 1st place after seven rounds GM Eltaj Safarli, GM Alexander Motylev, GM Aleksandr Rakhmanov, GM Ferenc Berkes and GM Gadir Guseinov. Winner on tiebreak is the Azeri Eltaj Safarli, who drew his last round game against Gadir Guseinov and thus came ahead of the Russian Alexander Motylev, who beat Evgeny Romanov. Best Swiss player was FM Jonas Wyss who finished 18th. Top favorite Alexei Shirov won his last game and finished with 5 points out of seven on rank 12.

The fourth round of the Kortchnoi Master Tournament rather extended the leaders' group than to decrease it. The games on the top boards were drawn, while Eltaj Safarli joined the top of the field with a win over GM Milos Pavlovic. Before the 5th round, there are six players with 3,5 out of 4 ahead of the pack with no less than 14 players having 3 points. Alexei Shirov again missed to catch up after allowing another draw, this time against the German IM Klaus Klundt.

Today's 5th round will have the following encounters:

 Bo. No.   Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts.   Name Rtg No.
1 10 GM Bauer Christian 2619   GM Safarli Eltaj 2680 2
2 4 GM Rakhmanov Aleksandr 2665   GM Tregubov Pavel V. 2579 13
3 6 GM Berkes Ferenc 2648   GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2633 9


In the Main Tournament, only two players are left with a clean score so far: Gustavo Zaldivar and Heinz Vifian and, of course, they will be paired in round 5 to set the course for the possible winner of this section. But the pack is not far off; four players are only half a point away and only waiting for the leaders to slip.

 Bo No. Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts. Name Rtg No.
1 29 Zaldivar Gustavo 1859 4   4 Vifian Heinz 1886 19
2 4 Hirt Markus 1972   Ly Nguyen 1869 26
3 13 Studer Vital 1916   Schneider Marcel 1945 7

After three rounds, five players are leading the Kortchnoi Open Master Tournament with a clean score of 3 points out of three games and all the three of them are grandmasters: GM Ivan Ivanisevic (Serbia), GM Ferenc Berkes (Hungary), GM Pavel Tregubov (Russia), GM Milos Pavlovic (Serbia) and GM Christian Bauer (France). They are trailed by 7 players with 2,5 points each, among them the Grandmasters Imre Hera and Alexandr Rakhmanov. Top favorite Alexei Shirov stumbled again; this time he drew with the strong FM Andrey Esipenko from Russia.

Today's 4th round will start at 5 pm with the following top encounters:

Board No.   Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts.   Name Rtg   No.
1 13 GM Tregubov Pavel V. 2579 3   3 GM Berkes Ferenc 2648   6
2 9 GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2633 3   3 GM Bauer Christian 2619   10
3 2 GM Safarli Eltaj 2680   3 GM Pavlovic Milos 2495   16
4 3 GM Van Wely Loek 2669   GM Zhigalko Andrey 2577   14
5 17 FM Esipenko Andrey 2492   GM Rakhmanov Aleksandr 2665   4
6 5 GM Motylev Alexander 2658   GM Hera Imre (junior) 2608   12


In the Main Tournament, 7 players are on top with a clean score, among them the very talented Swiss U16 player Jannik Bounlom. The leaders clash today with the following pairings:

Board No. Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts. Name Rtg   No.
1 7 Schneider Marcel 1945 3   3 Ly Nguyen 1869   26
2 9 Brand Thomas 1928 3   3 Zaldivar Gustavo 1859   29
3 19 Vifian Heinz 1886 3   3 Bounlom Jannik 1855   30
4 31 Juciute Einora 1852 3   Hirt Markus 1972   4
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