In the 5th roun of the KZCC, the lead changed again. After Peter Svidler beat Grigoryi Oparin in a very impressive Sicilian game, he joined Hikaru Nakamura in the lead, who defeated Ian Nepomniachtchi with the black pieces.

The 4th round of the KZCC definitely belonged to the Russian player Ian Nepomniachtchi who showed another example of his outstanding talent and creativty. His unfortunate victim, Boris Gelfand, employed his favorite Najdorf variation of the Sicilian which promised a real fight and that's how it turned out. For some time, both players tried to improve the position of their pieced to prepare them for the decisive clash, but just as it seemed that Gelfand would prepare an attack on the white king, it was Nepomniachtchi who used the lines opened by Gelfand to start an assault on the Israeli's monarch and with a few moves, Gelfand faced inevitable mate and had to resign.

On occasion of Viktor Kortchnoi's 70's birthday, his wife Petra made a short movie on Kortchnoi's chess career and live that we are happy to share with our readers.