According the the rules of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2016 the winner of a Rapid game earns 2 points for the overall standings, in case of a draw each player earns 1 point and the loser 0 points, while a win in a Blitz game is awared one point and a draw 0,5 points respectively.

The final ranking is determined by:

  1. Total points
  2. Sonneborn-Berger
  3. Number of wins
  4. Number of wins with black
  5. Result of the direct encounters
  6. Ranking in Blitz
Should two players still be equalled first, then an Armageddon game will be played, with white having 5 and black 6 minutes. White needs to win in order to win the tournament, while for black a draw is sufficient.


Final Standings according to Sonneborn-Berger will be updated soon after the final round

Combined after Round 5

1.Hikaru Nakamura (USA)278710.522.75
2.Viswanathan Anand (IND)278410.521.75
3.Vladimir Kramnik (RUS)28019.520.25
4.Anish Giri (NED)27985.511.75
5.Levon Aronian (ARM)27925.59.25
6.Alexei Shirov (LAT)26843.59.75