The videos of the Blitz and the Closing Ceremony together with an interview with the winner Hikaru Nakamura can now be watched online. More videos of the previous days, most of them in English, German and Russian can be found in our video section.

The photos of the Blitz and the closing ceremony are now available. Feel free to use them for your publications. All pictures taken by David Llada Chess & Photography

The games of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2016 are now available and can be replayed in our gameviewer or downloaded as PGN.

It was an amazing finish with tremendous tension and a final result that was only decided with the very last game of the tournament. Again, it's Hikaru Nakamura who is on top of the Zurich Chess Challenge! The three leaders of the Rapid: Anand, Nakamura and Kramnik, all scored 3.5 out of 5 in the Blitz tournament, but Nakamura had the better tiebreak that gave him the small advantage to edge out runner-up Viswanathan Anand again.

The stage is set for a dramatic Blitz showdown beginning at 6pm in the Savoy, as the two favorites, Indian Viswanathan Anand and American Hikaru Nakamura, are now level with 7 points each, with Russian Vladimir Kramnik only one point behind. We're expecting the tournament to be decided only in the very last round - or even later.