According the the rules of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 the winner of a classical game earns 2 points for the overall standings, in case of a draw each player earns 1 point and the loser 0 points.

The rankings of each section is determined by: 1. Total points 2. Sonneborn-Berger 3. Number of wins 4. Result of the direct encounter

If the overall 1st place is tied, then an Armageddon Blitz game (white 5mins, black 4mins) is held to determine the overall winner.


Armageddon tiebreak game between the two tied leaders, Anand and Nakamura. White was given five minutes, black four. White had to win in order to win the tournament.

Round 1 - Armageddon, February 19th
Anand, Viswanathan
Nakamura, Hikaru